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Heroes Boston
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This is a place for people who live around the Boston area to talk about the NBC show Heroes. Talk about Heroes is encouraged, but if you want to talk about anything else feel free.

My name is Dawnie dawnie1970, and I am your new mod. Contact me with any questions. :)

Introduce Yourself

Whats your favorite thing about Heroes?
Are you involved in anyother fandoms?
What are your outside interests?
Would you be interested in a meet up?

!!!!!!!NO FLAMING!!!!!!!
[Flamers will be toasted & served with jam]

Spoiler Rules
-Spoilers are allowed but should be put behind cuts.
-Spoilers are no longer considered spoilers once the ep has aired in the U.S. (Boston specifically, hence the name).
-Spoilers are still spoilers until an ep has aired in completion. In case of TBC's, only the part that has been aired my be critiqued. Guesses & whatnot about how one thinks the second half will play out should be behind cuts (because some people are a bit sensitive to that stuff 0_o).
-If it is something that regularly happens on the show, it is not considered a spoiler. Ex. "Someone uses their powers." That's kind of prerequsite for an ep.

Please be considerate of other users flists & put graphics behind a cut. One or two small pics, or 4 icons may be used as teasers.

Fics should contain a profile:
Pairings (if applies):

If you are a Supernatural fan in the Boston area check out spn_boston